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Art Needed!!

2009-02-13 15:44:59 by chill93101

Hi all,

I am working on a new game, very similar to my previous games.
It is a simple motocross game which I need some graphics made for.

The graphics I need are:
> Bike (Rear/ Front Wheels, and frame)
> Rider (Helmet, torso, right upper & lower leg, right/left upper/lower arm)
> Background (Single stationary background to be used on all levels)
> 20 Levels (To use the same ground image, with different obstacles on top of it)
> Menu Graphic (Background image to be used for the main menu, without text)

All of these will need to fit a theme, I am currently thinking either space or retro, however I am open to suggestions!

Please message me with what price you would do this for!

-Rob Watkiss (Chill93101)


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2009-06-20 12:04:31

hello im intrested and ill do sum artwork if you want me to and im not that desperate for money i just like doing artwork soo plz contact me oh and umm... the artwork does it have to look like it was a sketch or was sketch rider just a test sort of thingy? chow =)


2009-08-01 12:50:17

I got your email with the templates but I have CS2 not CS3